The #1 List of Team Building Activities and Corporate Event Ideas in San Antonio

If you’re looking for company team building activities and fun corporate event ideas in San Antonio, then you’ve come to the right place because we here at Team Building San Antonio believe in the power of a great company offsite.

Our team has dived deep into the world of corporate team events in San Antonio to bring you the best team outings, team building activities, and team building retreats in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and San Marcos.

You’ll find everything from a night at the bowling alley to trivia to high octane scavenger hunts to guacamole making competitions on our list.

Why do we at Team Building San Antonio do what we do?

Because we think team building is incredibly important when it comes to building a healthy company — and retaining the best employees. It takes a great team to achieve great things in the office. An investment in team building shows your employees that you’re making an investment in them; plus, with the right team building activities, you’ll create an office culture with better communication, productivity, problem solving, and creativity.

Our list below showcases 25+ of the best company team building activities, team bonding ideas, and corporate event ideas in San Antonio. Happy planning!

Team Building San Antonio: Table of Contents

The Best Team Building Activities in San Antonio

Let’s be clear about something — all of the team building companies on our list are great, but we wanted to really narrow down the field here at Team Building San Antonio and find the best of the best corporate events. We evaluated each company on the list for creativity, engagement, fun, effectiveness, and pricing. After running each company through the criteria, we found the best company team building activity in San Antonio.

1. The Great Guac Off™

The Great Guac Off is the best team building activity in San Antonio.
Get ready to enjoy a fun, fast-paced team outing.

The Great Guac Off™ is our pick for the best company team building activity in San Antonio! The Great Guac Off™ (TGGO) is part guacamole making competition and part team building activity all wrapped up into one awesome corporate event. Your team will be split up into small groups and, over the next few hours, those groups will battle it out to earn the title of best guacamole maker in the office. The event includes mini challenges, trivia, and avocado puns. The Great Guac Off™ can be hosted anywhere, including at the official San Antonio team building site or at your office. There is no limit to the number of people you can have attend this fun corporate event. More info here.

Unusual Team Building Activities in San Antonio

Are you part of a team that hosts team bonding activities regularly? We love to hear that! We also know that can make finding a cool new corporate event challenging. The companies listed below are the most unique team building activities in San Antonio that we could find.

2. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars offers great team outings and company holiday parties.
Your office holiday party is about to go to a whole new level.

Gingerbread Wars is the ultimate company holiday event that doubles as a corporate team building activity. Get ready to get merry with this epic gingerbread house making competition. Your teams will battle it out for the office gingerbread throne. You’ll play games, participate in holiday-themed trivia, and can even transition your event into a killer holiday cocktail party with BYOB, catering, and snacks. It’s such a good time, we’re confident your employees will ask to do it again next year. Be sure to give Gingerbread Wars a call to reserve your space no matter what time of year; space is limited come October, November, and December, and tends to sell out quickly. More info here.

3. Enchanted Springs Ranch

Enchanted Springs Ranch is a cool, unusual spot to host your next team event in San Antonio. The ranch is an old west town that can be rented for private and corporate events. You’ll get full access to the Silver Spur Saloon, along with catering, tables, linens, chairs, and beer/wine. Company events at the Enchanted Springs Ranch can accommodate more than 1,000 guests, making this a good option for team building for large groups in San Antonio. Looking for more than just a corporate event venue? Enchanted Springs offers custom team building packages from trained facilitators. More info here.

4. Host an office board game night

This is one of our favorite DIY team building options. If your team needs to come together on a budget, then we’d suggest looking no further than board game night (or afternoon!) at the office. Ask each team member to bring in their favorite board game, then set up stations in your conference room. It’s fun, collaborative, and a great way to feel like you’re able to take a break at the office before getting back to work. If you have a small budget for this team outing, then we’d suggest bringing in some snacks or catering (choose something you don’t normally have at the office) for a special feel.

5. Put together a meetup

What’s a meetup, you might be wondering? We’re glad you asked! A meetup can be almost anything you want; we use it as a way to say thank you to your employees. Find a local park, book it for the afternoon, and then get to work planning an awesome company party. Think food, some fun backyard games like ring toss or cornhole, and, if your budget allows, then we’d suggest adding entertainment! Our secret to elevating your meetup? Don’t just invite your employees. Invite your team’s families, your company’s vendors, and clients. Allow these people who make your company work to come together, relax, and forge new connections. Your invitees will be grateful you did.

6. Have a picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic? It’s a chance to come together as a team, enjoy the great outdoors, and eat some delicious food. Have your picnic catered with local sandwiches or ask a few team members to volunteer to bring in signature dishes. All that’s left for you to do is find a venue to host it; we’d suggest a small local park. Plan a few fun DIY team building activities (human bingo, anyone?) and you’ve got an easy DIY corporate event that doesn’t have to break your annual budget.

7. Start an office book club

An office book club is the DIY team building activity that keeps on giving all year long! Choose your book, set a reading schedule, and get some time on the calendar to discuss what you’re reading. We suggest mixing it up between books that can contribute to personal development and something with more mass appeal like the latest thriller or suspense novel. You could even host your meetings at a local coffee shop around the corner from your office, or have lunch catered to your in-office book club discussions. The possibilities for awesome team building with a company book club are endless.

8. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is an awesome new company team building activity that’s tons of funs. It combines competition, collaboration, and problem-solving skills into a corporate event that doesn’t feel like a corporate event. Your employees will practice “construct and deconstruct” game mechanics to construct a strong castle; then, teams launch a strategic and sometimes chaotic attack to tear down the castle. Launchy Birds offers a fast-paced, high-energy, and crazy fun team building activity. More info here.

9. Visit the San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art is an awesome museum in San Antonio that’s well worth your time to explore. The art museum is located in downtown San Antonio and is southern Texas’ only encyclopedic museum with a fine art collection. Located on the Riverwalk, there’s no shortage of cool restaurants to visit after your museum trip to round out your afternoon of team bonding. Tip: For extra team building oomph, build a quick scavenger hunt your team members can compete in as the groups explore the museum. More info here.

10. Human Bingo

This is a quick, easy company team building activity that can be done in your office — or virtually anywhere. Create some bingo-style cards, but instead of numbers, add personality traits, experiences, anything you can think of that might describe a person. Then, it’s up to your team members to talk to each other to find out who fits the description on the bingo cards. The first person to find people to check off bingo wins!

Fun Team Building Activities in San Antonio

Fun is important to us at Team Building San Antonio; that’s why we made it one of the criteria for evaluating the best company team building activities. It’s also why we made it its own category. Your team will have a great time at any of these fun team building activities in San Antonio.

11. Class Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a popular and fun corporate event. Teams seem to like it because it involves learning a new skill with the allure of danger and excitement. Plus, it can be a cool option for getting some office-related stress and aggression out. At Class Axe Throwing, your team will learn how to toss axes like the pros, then battle it out in a friendly competition to find the office axe throwing champ. More info here.

12. Freedom Fun USA

Freedom Fun USA offers fun team building activities in San Antonio. Freedom Fun is a leader in company laser tag as a corporate event and we think that’s awesome. Who didn’t love playing laser tag as a kid? This is a cool team outing that will help your employees tap into some nostalgia, all while engaging in a little friendly competition. Laser tag not your thing? Try Freedom Fun’s archery tag game to mix it up. More info here.

13. Xperience Adventures

Xperience Adventures offers different company team building activities depending on your needs. You can choose from their anywhere package, which offers a team building kit that you can do at any location you’d like, or choose their base package for a two-to-three hour customized team building activity good for up to 50 guests. If you have a group of more than 50, then Xperience Adventures recommends choosing the summit package, which includes use of a mobile app and real-time scoring. More info here.

14. The Leader’s Institute

The Leader’s Institute offers corporate team building activities and events in San Antonio that are professional and fun. The Leader’s Institute has several different team building events to choose from, depending on your business’ goals for the day. Choose from several different charity team building options, or choose from their list of fun team building activities like escape rooms and improv. If you’re interested in having your team explore the outdoors, then The Leader’s Institute’s camaraderie quest could be the choice for your group. More info here.

15. Wreckreaction

Just wrapped up a particularly stressful client project? Have things been a little tense at the workplace? If so, then Wreckreaction might be a good team building option for your group. This fun and somewhat unusual corporate event allows your team members to, well, wreck things. You’ll receive safety gear, items to destroy, and items with which to destroy them. Then, your team will be turned loose to destroy! This is a fun team building activity in San Antonio that doubles as a great stress reliever. We imagine your team will be well refreshed when they turn to the office following this event. More info here.

16. The Go Game

The Go Game offers fun team building activities in San Antonio. The Go Game will put together a custom team building activity for your group, like a scavenger hunt of the location of your choice, or you can choose from their pre-built corporate event packages, which currently include scavenger hunts of San Antonio’s Riverwalk or Hemisfair Park. The Go Game Classic is a hybrid scavenger hunt and Mission Impossible-style challenge for your team members. This fun company event will have your group laughing, competing, and racing against the clock – and each other! – before times runs out. More info here.

17. San Antonio Detours

San Antonio Detours’ fun team outings include a variety of different tours in San Antonio. For your next corporate event, choose from a Real San Antonio tour, a San Antonio food tour, a San Antonio Missions tour, a Hill Country wine tasting tour, a BBQ and brew tour, or the San Antonio ultimate scavenger hunt for a true team building competition. Each company event ranges from three to five hours, depending on which option you choose. We’re confident that, no matter which option you select with San Antonio Detours, you’ll have a great time bonding as a team. More info here.

18. Go bowling

Bowling is a good option for a fun company team building activity because there’s no learning curve and just about everyone knows how to have a good time at the lanes. Bonus: San Antonio is full of cool bowling alleys, so finding a spot that’s convenient to your office should be no problem. Bowling can be as simple (reserve the lanes for a few hours, then turn everyone loose early for the afternoon) or as intricate (reserve a private room in the alley and include food and drinks) as you’d like to make it. More info here.

19. Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is a classic option when you’re looking for fun group activities for adults. After all, who doesn’t want to feel the nostalgia of playing arcade games and figuring out who’s the best in the office at Skee-Ball? Pre-purchase game cards for your team members, reserve some tables, and enjoy an afternoon of games, laser tag, and Dave & Buster’s bar food and drinks. If you want to take your team outing up a notch, then call your local Dave & Buster’s to talk with their on-staff event planner about how to make your team building activity even more effective. More info here.

20. Outback Team Building

Outback Team Building offers a variety of different team outings and corporate event ideas. Choose from fun team building events like a game show or crime scene investigation or training and development programs for your next company event. Outback also offers coaching and consulting for your team and your business. Outback has good corporate event options for companies looking for fun, relaxed team bonding time or companies looking for more intensive training and development. More info here.

21. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero is one of the biggest and best options for choosing a fun company team building event. Team Building Hero offers a wide variety of different team outings in San Antonio. Our best reason for choosing Team Building Hero? You can book multiple events with one company; this allows Team Building Hero’s expert facilitators to get to know your company and your team building needs, challenges, and goals. You’ll end up with a personalized team building experience customized to suit your individual company’s needs. The best part? Team Building Hero’s corporate event ideas are similar to what you’ll find with one-stop-shop companies, like scavenger hunts, escape rooms, storytelling workshops, food making competitions, and strategy games. More info here.

22. Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette is tops when it comes to fun group activities for employees. Your team will enjoy an afternoon or evening of learning how to paint while enjoying a refreshing and relaxing drink or two. Painting is a good choice for a team outing because everyone will have something tangible to go home with. Your team doesn’t have to be made up of Pablo Picassos to have a good time; expert instructors will ensure everyone is comfortable with the project at hand. And if the painting doesn’t turn out great, at least there’s wine! More info here.

San Antonio Team Building Activities With Food

Ah, food. We all love to eat, so why not find San Antonio team building activities with food for your next team outing? Below are our favorite companies that offer company team building events with a side of delicious.

23. The Great Guac Off™

The Great Guac Off™ is our pick for the best company team building activity in San Antonio! The Great Guac Off™ (TGGO) is part guacamole making competition and part team building activity all wrapped up into one awesome corporate event. Your team will be split up into small groups and, over the next few hours, those groups will battle it out to earn the title of best guacamole maker in the office. The event includes mini challenges, trivia, and avocado puns. The Great Guac Off™ can be hosted anywhere, including at the official San Antonio team building site or at your office. There is no limit to the number of people you can have attend this fun corporate event. More info here.

24. Host a burrito fundraiser (or choose the food of your preference!)

We’re specifically thinking about Chipotle here, but many restaurants partner with companies and organizations to host fundraisers. Invite your employees to come to a local restaurant with their families to help raise money for a great cause. You’ll spark conversation and time spent together in a relaxed setting outside the office. This is a fun, lowkey, and delicious way to come together as a team — and give back to your local San Antonio community.

25. San Antonio Food Tours

San Antonio Food Tours offers a tasty way to enjoy team bonding. San Antonio Food Tours will take your group on a custom culinary adventure in San Antonio with activities designed to promote togetherness and boost morale. With flexible scheduling and group sizes, San Antonio Food Tours can accommodate most groups, making it a good option for team building for large groups. San Antonio Food Tours has the added benefit of including some of the city’s most delicious delicacies along the way! More info here.

Choosing the right company team building activity can seem hard, but we want to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect team event for your business. At Team Building San Antonio, we’re here to help you navigate the process of picking the best team outing. If you have any questions during your research or planning stages, please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to help!

Team Building San Antonio: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best team building activity in San Antonio?

In our opinion at Team Building San Antonio, the best company team building activity is The Great Guac Off! This guacamole making competition combines friendly battles, great food, and time spent coming together at a great price. What more could you ask for?

Does team building have to be expensive?

Definitely not! Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t even have to be expensive to hire a pro to facilitate your team building event. We recommend using professional facilitators a few times throughout the year to ensure you’re getting the maximum impact from each team outing, but it’s okay to sprinkle in some DIY team building activities during the year, too.

How often should we team build?

Great question! We recommend hosting a team building event outside your office at least once per quarter.

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